Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Music - Mana

A few weeks ago I promised to write about some great music I have recently discovered. This post is the first in a series:

I fellow at work gave me "Revolucion De Amor" by Mana. This album is fantastic! Picture Los Lobos crossed with David Gilmore and the image starts to take shape. I know nothing about the band except that they might be from Texas, but I've heard enough to be excited. In the past two years the only music I came across that was this good was Eliott Smith or Modest Mouse. The link will take you to Amazon where you can listen to some samples; please do, it is well worth the time. At least listen to the first two tracks, if you are sorry you did I will buy you lunch.

The only draw back is that all of the songs are in Spanish, and I feel like it would be a little better if I know what they were saying, and if I could sing along.

After listening, Write a comment about it. What did you think?

If anyone wants a copy, let me know.

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