Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday. Again.

It was another difficult Monday today. For those of you who do not know, I started a new job in December working for a Fortune 10 company. The department I am working for does not hire people directly, they start people as a contractor for six months, and then bring them on permanent. I am in that contractor phase. The other catch is that they are in Jacksonville, while I live in Gainesville. Here is a map from airport to airport to give you an idea. Basically it takes about an hour and a half to drive home and two hours to drive to work. I have been driving up on Monday mornings and driving back on Thursday afternoon's, and working from home on Friday. So Monday's tend to be a little bit hard. Leaving my family, long drive, tired, Monday. Kim and I agreed that until I receive a permanent offer, it is not a good idea to move to Jacksonville. We'll see how long we can continue with this arrangement.

Kim started painting the inside of our house today. We went and bought paint this weekend, and prepared the living room for painting last night. She said it looks pretty good. I can hardly wait to see!

I have some great new music to share! I'll write about that in another post. Look for it.


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