Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Guitar practice part deux - Plus an interesting realization (at the end)

I did the jam session last night. We played for about two hours. The first hour was great! I was really on, and noticed a certain maturity in my playing and my timing that really surprised me. The other guys I was playing with were relatively new to music, so it was hard to get into a pocket, and when we did there was no way to expand or explore. Still it was fun.

Since it was a group of guys from work, for the second hour my boss showed up. That hour basically sucked. I just could not get comfortable and it really showed in my playing. My rhythm was off and my solos sucked-a**. I was surprised that there was such a change.

I've had bosses in the past who I really clicked with, but my current boss just makes me feel nervous and self-conscience when he's around.

On that note, I had an interesting realization this week. During my Monday morning drive from Gainesville to Jacksonville, I was feeling quite melancholy and really feeling like "I hate my job." I thought this was odd, since my job is going fairly well. As I contemplated this I realized **dramatic pause** that it's not my job I hate, it's all jobs.

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