Wednesday, August 03, 2005

No more google

To those of you regular readers (and I only count myself in this group), you will notice that I have removed the google advertisements. I did this because:
1. I have finally become convinced that the only people who click them are people who think they are part of the site.
2. They are becoming ubiquitous. I prefer more uniqueness with my ubiquity.
3. Although I still use google for searching, I no longer think they are an "us" company. They are a "them."
4. Google is being sued (multiple suits both in the US and internationally), meaning people are alleging that it has engaged (or at least not taken diligent measures) in practices that inflate the click through rate of adverts. You may notice that in my blog roll I read three google blogs. You can find more information about this issue from the blog.


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